How to create a quote on the Website

Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan
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Please follow this guide to create a quote on the mpro5 website.

Step 1) Click on the three bars on the mpro5 website homepage next to the navigation hub.
Step 2) Click on Sales & Returns then Quotes from the dropdown.

Step 3) Select Apply from the bottom of the filter on the right hand side.

Step 4) Select the Plus icon from the top left of the results grid.

Step 5) A pop up will display with the below fields:

Field Name

Data Type

Quote Number

Free Text Box

Order Number

Free Text Box


Free Text Box


Dropdown with available customers in the system


Dropdown with available Sites in the system

Quote Type

Dropdown with available Quote Types in the system


Dropdown with available Quote Status's in the system

Company Name

Free Text Box

Contact Name

Free Text Box

Address 1

Free Text Box

Address 2

Free Text Box

Address 3

Free Text Box

Post Code

Free Text Box

Contact Email

Free Text Box

Contact Tel

Free Text Box

Internal Notes

Free Text Box

External Notes

Free Text Box

The system will display the results.

Please Note:

With the dropdowns, it will also give you the option to create new Customers or Sites.



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