Web Reports

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mpro5 Web Reports gives you the capability to export data out of mpro5 in many different ways. They range from job exports to audit exports or even form design exports, as well as any custom reports that we may have built for you. The Web Reports are powered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and run externally to the website.

Getting Started

The reports section can only be viewed by Web accounts that have the reporting permissions and the below guide will show you how to interact with Web reports.



If you can’t see the Web Reports tile then it will be because you don’t have the permission to access Web Reports, please ask your mpro5 admin for assistance.


Interacting with Web Reports

Step 1) Login to your mpro5 website and select the reporting tile.

Step 2) Select Web reports from the list.

Step 3) Find the report you want to view in the list and click on the paper icon.

Step 4) Enter your reporting credentials (they are not the same as your web account credentials) You can ask your mpro5 admin to assist in providing these.

Step 5) Once you have selected the report you want to run, selected all the criteria required and have run it and your happy with the results. Click on the floppy disk icon to export and save the report in a range of different formats such as PDF, Excel, or Word.




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