Cisco Meraki

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Integration documentation for Cisco Meraki

This is a guide is for integrating Cisco Meraki devices with the mpro5 mobile workflow and automation platform via the Meraki dashboard.


  1. Open a web browser and log in to your Meraki dashboard at

  2. Gather the serial numbers for the devices you would like to integrate with mpro5, and send these to the mpro5 team to be registered.

Meraki-mpro5 integration: MQTT – MV Sense

  1. Navigate to Cameras > Monitor > Cameras and selecting the camera you would like to enable MV Sense on.

  2. Once the camera is selected, go to Settings > Sense.

  3. Click Enabled.

  4. To enable MQTT on your camera and create a new MQTT broker configuration click Add or edit MQTT Brokers.

  5. Add a new broker, if you have not yet added the mpro5 broker. Otherwise, select the mpro5 broker. If adding the mpro5 broker for the first time:

    1. Enter Broker Name: mpro5

    2. Speak to the mpro5 team to get the correct MQTT broker details.

    3. Enter the details given to you by the team for the following.

  • Host

  • Port

  • Security – Disable TLS

  1. Optionally, test the connection between the camera and the broker to ensure communication.

Meraki-mpro5 integration: Webhooks

  1. Navigate to Network-Wide > Webhooks

  2. Speak to the mpro5 team to get the Server details.

  3. Add the HTTP server

    1. Name

    2. URL

  4. Configured HTTP servers can now be selected as a destination for any alert within dashboard.

Meraki-mpro5 integration: Dashboard API

  • For the dashboard API integration please contact the mpro5 team who will set up this integration.

Contact Details

For contacting the mpro5 team for setup please reach out to your mpro5 account manager.

To reach the support team please email or call +44 (0) 1892 542 444.



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